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Angepreneurs by David Lee

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thought about this recently when I heard a few Facebook folks make the same observation about Mark Zuckerberg. They effectively said that they don’t think he’s socially awkward as the press likes to portray. He’s just so focused on Facebook and that’s all he thinks about. So even when he’s talking to you, you can almost see him thinking. That gave me chills. That level of single-mindedness and competitiveness.


One risk of lots of individuals investing (ie, a party round) is the bystander effect. A founder asks for help, and no one responds. There’s either no incentive to do so or they think “the other guy is doing it.” We have seen that happen often and that factored into my first thoughts.

But I’m now hearing more stories where founders say that the most value-add investors are other active founders. More so than the “professional angels” or VCs. It’s happened enough where I think this trend is definitely a welcome one. It’s up to the entrepreneur to decide the composition of their investor syndicate. It’s great they have more choices.


fascinating insights on many levels

David Lee wrote, "I have never seen Zuckerberg at a social or tech event."

Actually, he came to a 106 Miles at the (now defunct) Blue Chalk in 2005.

He was neither single-minded nor competitive.

Just a normal guy, drinking beer, talking to other entrepreneurs.

Wow, Adam, when did you open 106 miles?

Fortune favors the revisionist. ;)

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