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Wiggle Aquatic Cat Worm gif

wiggling kitty gif aquatic cat worm imgur

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cat wiggling gif lmfao wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah! - Imgur

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wiggling Shaq dancing gif imgur

Wiggle wiggle wiggle YEAH

I do the wiggle YEAH!

kitten wiggle gif Catwaggle Imgur

From Reddit: "I used to think it was a kitten thing, a warning to it's siblings prior to a play hunt and pounce. Turns out it's for normal balance, however it definitely happens a lot more regularly in young cats. Seems a bit odd to me because that movement is likely to scare off any real prey."

Maybe it mesmerizes its prey, like when a cuttle fish strobes.

Makes sense. I'm mesmerized by all the cats above, and that includes Shaq.

I am still mesmerized. 

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