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The Places You're Most Likely to Get Kidnapped

The Places You re Most Likely to Get Kidnapped Vocativ


Kidnapping is booming. To help you to stay safe when you travel, we've mapped out the places where you face the greatest risk of getting scooped up by rebels, terrorists or even garden-variety bank robbers

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So USA is not a hotspot? Then I'm staying right here.

We're presuming that "You're" means you're obviously affluent, compared to rest of the population in the hot spot.  

I doubt 95% of the world's population needs to fear these hotspots. Or that the less than 1% of the wealthy that wander around like Howard Hughes at his end of days do either...

Maybe a better title would be:

"Places where Ostentatiously Rich White Guys traveling without armed escort Should Avoid"

Yes, the article refers to kidnapping as "rebels, terrorists or even garden-variety bank robbers".

Kidnappers are more likely to be most interested in Americans, who are more likely to be tradable for money and/or power.

The article has a section on virtual kidnapping -- aka fraud -- in which they don't actually kidnap -- they just make people think they did.

Maybe we should send our growing homeless populations there to disabuse them of that value.  Two birds, one plane ticket and much more affordable housing.

We're already bussing them out of more affluent NIMBY neighborhoods, this just extends the logic and ends the cycle of who's holding the hot potato... here in the USA, anyway.

Don't say that idea too loudly or someone might take it seriously...

It's so hard to share dark humor these days without fear of it ending up as public policy...

Yes, that's why sarcasm and snark are unsafe in Congress.

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