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What is the Moon Moon Dog Meme Origin, Saga, and Joke?

People don't know who Moon Moon is.

So I found this Imgur page that explains:

what the fuck is Moon Moon meme dog wolf joke Imgur

The origin of Moon Moon is "What is your werewolf name?"

Moon Moon meme what is your werewolf name Imgur

The Internet likes to take things like this and make memes...

Moon Moon dancing meme I must dance Imgur

dammit Moon Moon meme I can hear rocks LOL Imgur

dammit Moon Moon meme I is kissing yous now Imgur

And the Internet has been making Moon Moon memes ever since.

Read on for the Saga of Moon Moon...

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what is your werewolf name meme tumblr Imgur

the saga of moon moon meme Imgur

the saga of moon moon meme Imgur

the saga of moon moon meme Imgur

the saga of moon moon meme Imgur

Apparently mine is grey demon. image-52cc9ed46ef06-0ZmP.jpeg

Scarred Wolf here.


I definitely want to be in a werewolf pack with you two.

My Moon Moon name is White Fire.

white fire wolf

Moon Moon full wolf meme Imgur

My name is beautiful wolf, so you know, I've got that going for me.  If I were named beautiful wolf, I'd probably have this as my profile picture... a composite of at least 4 images of myself.

beautiful wolf

I'm mesmerized. What a montage, beautiful wolf!

I am grey rain.

Grey Rain Wolf

Grey Rain is a beautiful name and that is a beautiful photo!

Why thank you. 

Happily! :)

Image result for savage temptress wolfsavage temptress

I like the name and that picture!

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