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Wilderness women: Every year, women come from all over North America to prove themselves in Alaska's wildest competition

Wilderness women Every year women come from all over North America to prove themselves in Alaska s wildest competition SBNation com


Every year, the Talkeetna Bachelor Society hosts an auction to raise money for Alaskan women and children in crisis. The goods that they auction off? Themselves. For 33 years, women — mainly from the nearby city of Anchorage, home to half the state's population — have traveled to this small town of almost 1,000 just south of Denali National Park to spend their tax-deductible dollars on a date with one of Talkeetna's most eligible single men. It's a humorous fundraiser for a serious cause — a portion of the money raised goes to a fund specifically aimed at getting abused women out of Alaska's remote, fly-in communities, places that they might otherwise be literally unable to escape. And it's the type of event that would only succeed, to the scale it has, in a place like Alaska.

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Looks fun and interesting, a good way to break up the monotony of winter ;)

And yet, I could never see something like this working in a place like California.

Major changes, and it might have a chance in a small town in California ;)

Which major changes?

Different competitions, more California oriented.  Maybe a wine bottling competition, code writing competition, acting, and something to do with the beach, maybe volleyball ;)

Actually, those are quite brilliant.

Oh I Like That! ~Workaholics gif tumblr

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