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Cat Binder Clip gif - Sweater Breaks Tuxedo Cat and Immobilizes Cat.exe

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Reminds me of this:

bumblebee cat falling gif tumblr Imgur

High quality version of this gif:

I think the sweater is giving this effect.

cat binder clip gif Imgur

It's how cat mothers carry their babies:

So built into each cat is a reflex from being picked up by its neck skin as a kitten.

Also works on hobbits:

cat binder clip gif hobbit I cant Imgur tumblr

Daschunds are more stable:

Getting all bundled up - Imgur

Cat.exe has stopped working. Would you like windows to search for a solution?

"Costume Induced Sideways Cat Instability Syndrome" is from an engineer's guide to cats:

See 3:26 for reference.

This is how I wear cold weather.

You just flop right over? Neat!

Do you have an on-off button?

how to turn off a kitten gif on off button Imgur

Binder clip technique useful for stunning pizza cat:

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