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Llama can't deal with it gif


Thank you reddums for making this gif.

cant deal with it gif llama Imgur

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Love the bouncing moves.  I've heard they are very fierce protectors of flocks. 

From Wikipedia:

Guard behavior using llamas as livestock guards in North America began in the early 1980s, and some sheep producers have used llamas successfully since then.[21] [22] They are used most commonly in the in western regions of the United States, where larger predators, such as the coyote, are prevalent. Typically, a single gelding (castrated male) is used. Research suggests the use of multiple guard llamas is not as effective as one. Multiple males tend to bond with one another, rather than with the livestock, and may ignore the flock. A gelded male of two years of age bonds closely with its new charges and is instinctively very effective in preventing predation. Some llamas appear to bond more quickly to sheep or goats if they are introduced just prior to lambing. Many sheep and goat producers indicate a special bond quickly develops between lambs and their guard llama and the llama is particularly protective of the lambs.

Using llamas as guards has eliminated the losses to predators for many producers. The value of the livestock saved each year more than exceeds the purchase cost and annual maintenance of a llama. Although not every llama is suited to the job, most are a viable, nonlethal alternative for reducing predation, requiring no training and little care.

Wow, llama are way more valuable than I realized!

My dreams of riding a llama are now dashed.  I did not know that they bounced.

You could always ride a horse, camel, or elephant instead.

Or a bear.

Steve Carrell bear gif anchorman pandawhale

The bouncing could be fun, might be similar to a pogo stick ;)

riding a llama gif Carl Jimmy neutron

That looks like as smooth a ride, as a Paso Fino ;)

Haha, no, a smooth ride requires ice skates:

riding a llama gif fabulous

Original llama is out:

fuck this I'm out gif llama Imgur

pepe lepew hopping gif imgur

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