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Obama + Batman = Coincidence?

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Whoa, that's eery.

Obama is very close to eagles... Birds and bats are close, right?

obama eagle door

If Obama is Batman, Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up?

Mitt Romney worked for... BAIN ?!?!


BANE CAPITAL RISES, by Salvadore Dali:


Quick, send in BA-ROCK MAN!!


The President is a big deal!


AND I brought you motherfuckers donuts. You're welcome.

obama donuts

Not sure Obama-2012 will want to run with this: the tagline for the new movie is "The Legend Ends".

And, the positive meme "billionaire industrialist who seems bland and spoiled but is secretly a superhero" fits Romney better. I could see Romney working the reference into a stump speech, "I'm no Bruce Wayne, but if I had to put on a mask and cape to get America working again, by golly I'd do it."

Those are both good points, Gordon.

I shall reward you with this picture of the Obamas with The Boss.


Photoshop, right? Please make this Photoshop, because otherwise it is a still from a peyote vision.

I entered that comment to go under the Obama-with-eagle photo, and it went down to the bottom of the page. A bug? Maybe.

Lucas, nope, that's deliberate.

PandaWhale conversations have two levels. Any response to the top-level creates a new thread that we can then respond to in the thread.

Skateboard Obama approves.


2008: The Dark Knight. 2012: The Dark Knight Rises!

dark knight obama meme

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