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Ken and Ben Lerer Fund 185 Tech Companies—and Counting

Ken and Ben Lerer Fund 185 Tech Companies and Counting New York Magazine


Silicon Alley investors Ken and Ben Lerer fund 185 tech companies—and counting.

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First time I've seen MakerBot and Rap Genius in the same sentence:

Their company seems to have had a hand in every buzzed-about start-up in New York: apparel company Everlane, 3-D printer MakerBot, lyrics-decipherer Rap Genius. “There are 185 of them,” says Ben. “I could probably name 100.”

They're also in BuzzFeed and Warby Parker, among (many) others.

How would I introduce my tech startup to these guys?  

If you're in New York, they're worth talking to because they're connected to just about everyone in the tech scene in New York.

If you're not in New York, then... they probably don't want to meet you anyway.

Great! We are in New York. We are working with an associative database technology.

I wonder how much technology they invest in.

Looks like they're enthused about consumer-y stuff ... but it's hard to tell:

Thanks. I will dig into it :-)

I like how gleeful they are about letting Zynga get stuck holding the bag:

At the height of Draw Something’s popularity, Zynga bought OMGPop for $180 million, a decision it regretted once the craze was over and it apparently reverted to being a stupid-ass company; it was dissolved last summer. “Timing is the key to life,” says Ken, who earned 25 times his investment on the sale. “Timing is luck and brain and guts.”

If you skimmed the article you missed the fact that they just backed THE DODO:

THE DODO was built using Rebel Mouse (another Lerer Fund company).

It's a website of animal pictures and videos:



Heh heh. You have a lot of enthusiasm.

When I heard about "Blackfish" it opened my eyes to something. When I watched the Ryan Reynolds film "The Whale" I was really moved. I find occasional stuff about poaching and hunting from disparate sources and this site has it all in one spot. Pretty clever naming it after an extinct species too.

Why is it clever naming it after an extinct species rather than an endangered one?

Good question. I believe the awareness around what is inevitable if there isn't change can instill more thought into what we are doing. 

Then we need TheDodo to get into global climate change, too. Call it TheIceAge?

BRRRing It !! 

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