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To Get Your Kickstarter Funded, Say These Magic Words

To Get Your Kickstarter Funded Say These Magic Words Motherboard


And these pointers are, broadly, just good persuasion-related tips—so it’s a valuable study for pretty much everyone, even if you’re doing an Indiegogo campaign or just trying to get someone to pick you up from the airport.

"Our research revealed that the phrases used in successful Kickstarter campaigns exhibited general persuasion principles," said Eric Gilbert, a professor at GT and co-author of the study. "For example, those campaigns that follow the concept of reciprocity—that is, offer a gift in return for a pledge—and the perceptions of social participation and authority, generated the greatest amount of funding."

So if you want to have a successful Kickstarter, get those t-shirts ready for people who donate. But also note that many of the phrases reinforce the notion that people love a winner. Phrases that try to scare people into giving by focusing on what happens when they aren’t funded—if they come up “even a dollar” short, for example—come off as groveling and are unattractive to the crowd. But playing up “social proof” of your campaign’s appeal and success that it has already attractive is a way to open floodgates.

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