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Papa, why do they not love me? ~Google+

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This cartoon actually makes me feel bad for Google+. JK I have no sympathy.

Your Nest thermostat is going to keep turning up the heat on you until you take that back, Mirea.

google nest funny thermostat tweet baseball bat

Want to change your temperature? Share on Google+!!


Wait, that's not funny.

google nest thermostat funny tweet

Heh, I know a lot of good folks who love Google+, especially for sharing pics.

It's good for SAVING pictures, not sharing them. It actually doesn't let you share pictures exactly, just posts with pictures in them.

I'm not following.  When I take a pic on my Android smartphone and choose to share, one of my destination choices is Google+.  How is this different from sharing a pic on FB?

Because on Facebook we actually know where to go to see them.

On Google+ I'm never quite sure how to find what you've shared, so I begin the process of searching.

Or maybe that's by design?

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