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It's okay not to like things as long as you're not a jerk about it. ~Nanalew on Anime 303

its okay not to like things gif Nanalew Anime 303 Imgur

as long as youre not a jerk about it gif Nanalew Anime 303 Imgur

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More Nanalew on YouTube:

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Awesome sauce is Nanalew's Anime 303: A Lesson in Shoujo.

In the last 40 seconds of that video (starting at 4:12) she behaves like a Rap Genius founder.

Nanalew is also creator of the Bananacone love story:

Oh, and she has heard EVERY pickup line: 

hey girl did it hurt gif Nanalew pickup line Imgur

well that escalated quickly from hell gif Nanalew pickup line Imgur

Imgur comments:

I dont like thing comic meme funny Imgur

Sing "it's okay to not like things", stick figure:

More Nanalew - Anime 202:

Nanalew is most known for her SAIL - AWOLNATION which has been viewed over 90 million times:

Compare with the official SAIL - AWOLNATION which has only been viewed 20 million times:

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