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Cat chasing laser pointer up the wall.

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I laughed out loud. Silly kitty!

See also big cats vs laser pointers:

The follow up is called do big cats like catnip?

i love that last bit of scuttle to the

I can't stop watching it! lmao whoop whoop whoop whoop!


This cat scuttles to the ceiling, too.


I remember going to the Detroit Zoo in middle school and feeling heartbroken at the divotted paths the tigers had worn down in their enclosure from walking the same route over and over and over again for months on end if not years.

It was so sad they seemed to get no stimulation whatsoever.. what kind of life is that for a cat?

It does seem like a terrible life for a cat. Even the bobcat in the Palo Alto Zoo didn't seem happy.

The big cats are awesome!

"What if I told you the red dots are controlled by humans." I love it, Briana!


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