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Puppy balance problems gif

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Dat upper arm and core strength though...

And it's not just when eating!

dog peeing balance gif Imgur

hahaha!  those are both hilarious!

I agree, Emily! This dog is pretty good, too:

puppy handstand walking gif tumblr

is he peeing on the whole curb while walking on his hands?!?

Unfortunately, yes. At first I thought it was artistic but now I think it's gross.

it is rather amazing, though! dogs and their pee... it's a whole different world. this little guy obviously held it for a while! he knew he had ten feet of curb to claim!!

here's a dog helping out his drunk cat friend!

dog helping drunk friend gif Imgur

Wow, that's incredible. Dogs have a lot more versatility and core strength than I realized, Emily.

yeah, that little guy is a muscle man!

It's just amazing that dog thought to do that!

I want to get a dog who can carry a cat.

And I want a cat who doesn't mind being carried!

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