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Computer animated snow gifs

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I like the part with the physics.

oh wow these are so cool!  i have a quiet obsession with computer animation!!

Me too! I will look for more computer animation gifs to stash.

and pixar and disney are so good at it!  i agree with mirea: the physics one is fascinating.  i studied it closely!

more gifs! more gifs!  :)

I never know when I'm going to find a new good gif.

But feel free to browse all the ones I've found and saved the last few years:

I just realized these snow animations are for the Disney movie frozen:

oh that is so cool! he totally explained the physics gifs!!

Yes! I need to look for more videos like this. The movie Frozen was great, by the way.

i still have to see it!!

Definitely see it in the theater if you can. I love the song Let It Go:

adam, thank you so much for recommending i see this in the theater!  it is quite possibly the best movie ever made in the history of movie-making!  i LOVED it!

and i learned that elsa was initially meant to be the villain, but after the stunning performance in "let it go" they decided no villain could sing such a beautiful song about self-empowerment and freedom, so they changed the script to make her an innocent trapped by circumstance.  isn't that cool?!

It is very cool!

I think of Frozen as highly influenced by Wicked.

In Wicked they turn the notion of villain on its side, because wicked witch Elphaba is not actually wicked.

The woman who plays Elsa (Idina Menzel) also played Elphaba on Broadway.

"Let It Go" is a variation on the themes of "Defying Gravity", both in music and lyrics.

I like what Disney did in turning Elsa into one of the heroes of the story.

I'm with you -- I LOVED it!!

I saw Frozen again recently on a television, and it was still quite good.

Surprisingly good considering what great fun it was in the theater!

you've only seen it twice?!?

oh yeah, i have toddlers.  by now i have it memorized!!  (and, yes, i still love it!)

It's fascinating to me that boys find Frozen as appealing as girls do.

Why do boys like the movie so much?

i don't know, but they sure do!  i think it's the songs.  they love the snowman and the trolls, too.

Yeah, I get the impression the snowman and the trolls were added by Disney so boys would enjoy it.

The music is so theatrical, it's no surprise kids like it!

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