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Tina Fey Gravity joke at Golden Globes 2014

Tina Fey Gravity joke at Golden Globes 2014 George Clooney would rather float into space and die than spend another minute with a woman his age meme funny Amy Poehler Imgur

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Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston reaction:

aaron paul and bryan cranston clapping gif golden globes 2014 Imgur

who doesn't LOVE bryan cranston??

i think he first won my heart here:

bryan cranston snap gif skates malcolm in the middle tumblr

and then immediately again, right here:

bryan cranston skating gif malcolm in the middle tumblr

Even better with his sparkle suit!

bryan cranston sparkle gif skating malcolm in the middle


bryan cranston wink gif tumblr

i wonder how much he had to practice that in the mirror.  (i like to think not at all!)

Not at all! He's a natural...

bryan cranston who me gif Imgur

Goodbye cold, empty, infinite void, hello outer space!

gravity george clooney dies gif detaches hurdling into space Imgur

oh burn gif melon watermelon Imgur

I'd suggest a melon for that burn, but I have a feeling space takes care of that for you, George.

What's weird is I heard that joke on Conan or some other late night show at least a week earlier, but no one's come forward to claim prior art.  Maybe it's an honor among thieves thing.

The nature of humor lends itself to multiple people coming up with similar jokes.

So yeah, it's an honor among comedians. They explain this in the documentary The Aristocrats.

It's a great joke. 

The George Clooney joke or The Aristocrats joke?


Yeah, I agree. And The Aristocrats is worth watching if you want to understand more about how comedians make their humor.

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