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What City Should You Actually Live In

What City Should You Actually Live In

What's your jam?


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Tokyo.  TOKYO!!   


Cappucino, Skrillex, Beans and Rice, #YOLO but Ironically, Single Ladies Beyonce, Safari, Gin and Tonic, Only a Smarty Gets in These Pants, Hiking.

...and you don't mind your city being SUPER crowded.

I like a more spread out city...

I chose not to answer the question. I'm a suburbs man!

Portland, I'm from Seattle, so close enough ;)

Which Beyonce did you choose?

I think that was the hardest question. How can you choose just one Beyonce?

Secret album Beyonce, black coffee, Timber, steak and potatoes, #Foodporn, Road Trip America, Mojito, Only a Smarty Pants gets in these pants, hiking

See, that says Seattle to me more than Portland.

Intellesting.  Must see algorithm!

Isn't it just one giant nested IF...THEN statement?

Seattle and Portland are very similar, because they are so close, more similar than they are with any other cities in the US ;)

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