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Baby Owls Pop Out of Tree Hole gif

"Discreetly check dat out..."

baby owls pop out of tree hold gif Imgur check out dat ass discreetly


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Bro... Let me.... Move over a little.. I can barely see.... There we go.

They do seem like bro owls, don't they?

Window hog

He's trying to keep looking while the other muscles in!

ha! he totally is. he's pretending he doesn't even notice it.

Nonplussed is the word that comes to mind.

I found the source video!

hahaha!  the video is even funnier than the gif!!

i love the nuances like the long pause while his head is part way out and his feathers sticking to his brother's blinking eye...

Yes! That's wonderful!! I must watch it again...

the pixar sound effect would be a *squeeeeeeeze* POP!

Yes! Pixar really needs to make an owls movie.

Owls really are a curious bunch:

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