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What Jobs Will the Robots Take? - Atlantic Mobile

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Not sure how to read this other than to say when it comes to keeping our jobs...

So you're telling me there's a chance? ~Dumb and Dumber gif - PandaWhale

The Next Big ThingPredicting the future typically means extrapolating the past. It often fails to anticipate breakthroughs. But it's precisely those unpredictable breakthroughs in computing that could have the biggest impact on the workforce.

For example, imagine somebody in 2004 forecasting the next ten years in mobile technology. In 2004, three years before the introduction of the iPhone, the best-selling mobile device, the Nokia 2600, looked like this: 

Many extrapolations of phones from the early 2000s were just "the same thing, but smaller." It hasn't turned out that way at all: Smartphones are hardly phones, and they're bigger than the Nokia 2600. If you think wearable technology or the "Internet of Things" seem kind of stupid today, well, fine. But remember that ten years ago, the future of mobile appeared to be a minuscule cordless landline phone with Tetris, and now smartphones sales are about to overtake computers. Breakthroughs can be fast.

So this is going to hurt humans' prospects for keeping our jobs, right?

As the smartphones get smarter, don't they eventually learn how to do everything we do?

I'm going to be replaced by a tiny shell script...

You appear to be in a safe zone.

For now. But one day software might write the software.

Then we will really be in trouble!  Never let them write the code!

When machines can build all the machines, humans will be obsolete.

I hope they are going to take all the crappy jobs, that the rest of us don't like to do, like emptying the dishwasher ;)

And taking out the trash!

Robots already PICK UP the trash ....

And now they have to learn to take it out.

I thought our big master plan was we would get all these machines to do work for us (way back to the invention of home appliances), but it seems like we just work more, and even have to worry about these things taking our jobs too, boo!  But having never lived back in the glorious days of being a housewife with no appliances to assist me, I can't really attest to how easy a go that was.  Maybe we have it good, and just don't know it ;)

Yes, the reward for higher productivity is more work!

Apparently the only evolution left for humans is becoming an outsourced commodity of fuel for machines... and that brings us full circle.

I mean, we started out being food for other things anyway, whether or not you prefer your history as science (escaping the food chain) or religion (escaping a Garden, where everything is grown as food, or ornamentals).

I've always wondered about that original Garden and whether or not we were prized food for beings in other dimensions, perhaps because they desired our emotional and spiritual purity as the most tasty bits.  And then we went and screwed it all up by getting knowledge and becoming emotionally bitter, so they weeded us out for a tastier crop of beings...

Or not.

In The Matrix, humans serve as batteries for the machines.

It's interesting to think of our emotional and spiritual purity as being delicious.

Hee hee, I figure I've more a Neopolitan layering to my deliciousness...

That's the third Neopolitan flavor besides emotion and spirit?

Imagination ... 

Tell me you didn't see that coming.

I was thinking Creativity, so I was close.

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