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A collection of the very first animated gifs on the Web 1991-1995

Apparently so old they won't post correctly!  Just a little bit of Web history....

very first animated gif

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Oh wow. It looks like our gif saving mechanism does not recognize their format as well formed!

I use to have a really cool one on my Geocities page, guy in a black suit, hat and glasses, and he bends down to his right, as he snaps his fingers.  Someday, I'm going to look around on drives, and see if I can resurrect that page, see if any links still work ;)

What was your geocities name?  I bet I can find it.

She was in Athens -- see below.

I think I was in Athen's, and would it have been my real name?  Janill Bremmeyer (maiden name)?  or Janillb, or maybe Orcana (this was before 95, so hard to remember 20 years ago! ;)

Could be LadyG, or Lady Godiva (I was young lol)

Godiva for chocolate or Godiva for the other thing?

The other thing

Well, I just learned some history:*/

Turns out they have a couple of geocities sites listed, but not that one.


I've always thought I might have the pages saved as files on an old hard drive, somewhere around here, but that computer might be long gone.

Isn't it fascinating how quickly things can disappear?

and how selective they are about what they will toss out, and what they will hold onto!  Facebook has my stuff in perpetuity, but Webshots threw all my pictures away, MyYahoo cleared my whole calendar after I was inactive for 1 year (lost about 12+ years of data), and I had forgotten all about Geocities.  So the internet is very selective about what it wants to hold onto.

I think the rule is: consider anything on Google or Facebook forever; everywhere else, not so much.

I found the first guitar image above on on a deeply linked page, but for the life of me, everything comes up as not archived.    No only is it selective on what it holds on to, it has gaping holes of history.  I love  Google should have a history search engine too.

I would love to be a digital archeologist in 2300AD.

Perhaps you can plant seeds in for the digital archeologists 300 years from now?

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