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Taylor Swift awkward dance Grammys 2014 gif

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This isn't the first time.

Taylor Swift getting down to some Kendrick Lamar - Imgur

taylor swift awkward dancing gif Grammys 2014 Imgur


Taylor Swift Dancing meme Grammys 2014 hot Imgur

Taylor Swift Grammys 2014 hot legs Imgur

...and a 3-pic collage...

Taylor Swift Dancing meme collage Grammys 2014 hot legs Imgur

I guess she changed outfits because here she is showing up to the 2014 Grammys...

Taylor Swift arriving at the 2014 Grammys in hot silver dress Imgur

Taylor Swift Grammys 2014 hot smile Imgur

Taylor Swift performing Grammys 2014 Imgur

Taylor Swift neck jerk dance:

taylor swift grammys 2014 hair flip gif Imgur

taylor swift piano hair flip at grammys gif 2014 neck jerk Imgur

Summary of Taylor Swift's Grammy Performance - Imgur

Taylor Swift is mean to little children gif head bang soccer ball Imgur

Taylor Swift heard the "R-" of Random Access Memories and thought she'd won Grammys 2014 Imgur

There's something Faith Hill/Stepford Wives about those moves.

She cites Faith Hill as an influence.

taylor swift awkward dancing gif tumblr

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