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The World's Most Expensive Cup of Coffee

The World s Most Expensive Cup of Coffee


Coffee experts argue that the reason these coffee seeds brew such a good cup of coffee is due to two reasons: civet selection and digestion. The civets are good at choosing the best coffee berries to munch on, which means the coffee seeds they are digesting are generally of the highest quality. Additionally, while the seeds are making their journey through the civet’s digestive tract, they are absorbing some of the acids and enzymes within the animals digestive tract. Fermentation is occurring. This creates a distinctive “flavor profile” that apparently gives it a taste that has been described as “smooth, chocolatey and devoid of any bitter aftertaste.”

The price for these coffee seeds can reach astronomically figures. Dean and Deluca, a chain of very upscale grocery stores, is currently selling Kopi Luwak that was collected from wild civets in Thailand in a fifty gram bag for seventy dollars, which converts to about $635 per pound. At Funnel Mill, a well-known celebrity hang out coffee shop in Santa Monica, California, they serve a cup of this coffee by appointment only, for eighty dollars, and with no cream or sugar.

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$635 per pound treats this coffee like the drug it truly is.

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