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How We Teach Our Kids That Women Are Liars

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Geez, this is not good:

It goes way beyond sexual assault as well. That’s just the most likely and obvious demonstration of “women are born to lie” myths. Women’s credibility is questioned in the workplace, in courts, by law enforcement, indoctors' offices, and in our political system. People don’t trust women to be bosses, or pilots, or employees. Pakistan’s controversial Hudood Ordinance still requires a female rape victim to procure four male witnesses to her rape or risk prosecution for adultery. In August, a survey of managers in the United States revealed that they overwhelmingly distrust women who request flextime. 

It was kind of an interesting article with some really good points until they made the galloping political inference that there is a Republican agenda based on the comments of a fringe.   There's no more hatred on the Internet or in the world for that matter than for a conservative woman of color.   If anything, Republicanism teaches autonomy and self-reliance and it's the collectivist state embodied by the modern DNC that reinforces the culture for them to remain victims as they are seen as no more than voting body parts.   I find that offensive and disgusting. 

But that's completely beside the point, why even bring politics into it?  It just gets in the way of looking at the root causes of the problem unless you are a "government solves everything" type person. 

You're right that politics weakens their points.

Sad, sad, sad, alarming, maddening, infuriating:

No one says, “You can’t trust women,” but distrust them we do. College students surveyed revealed that they think up to 50% of their female peers lie when they accuse someone of rape, despite wide-scale evidence and multi-country studies that show the incidence of false rape reports to be in the 2%-8% range, pretty much the same as false claims for other crimes. As late as 2003, people jokingly (wink, wink) referred to Philadelphia’s sex crimes unit as “the lying bitch unit.” If an 11-year-old girl told an adult that her father took out a Craigslist ad to find someone to beat and rape her while he watched, as recently actually occurred, what do you think the response would be? Would she need to provide a videotape after the fact? 

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