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Intelligent, Context-Aware Personal Assistant App “Friday” Makes Its Public Debut | TechCrunch

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We discussed this in a prior convo but I can't find it: your phone will know you better than you know yourself. Here's another step in that direction...

I wish we had a good word for "Phone will know you better than you do."

Quantified self is not really it.

Augmented reality? Not really.

Siri and Google Now are ______'s.

Btw here's the article I think you're referring to:

And now Google is joining the party:

I saw someone using Google Now, and it works great.

I hope we can get it for iPhone soon.

Also I hope they let it read my email soon: "People would likely freak out if Google decided to analyze their individual emails for Google Now, though it obviously already takes a close look at your inbox to target ads anyway. For many, it will already be creepy enough to see what Google can learn about your daily habits based on your search and location history."

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