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The Dark Knight Rises = A Tale of Two Cities

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We had already discussed how Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie borrows heavily from Charles Dickens.

This Slate article has many spoilers as it describes the parallels.

Ambitious and Awesome:

"The Dark Knight Rises demonstrates both a desire for social justice and a fear of what that can actually look like in the hands of a mob, it owes its greatest debt to Dickens."

Now, remind me which part of Charles Dickens has Catwoman?

Catwoman Anne Hathaway To the batcave! danananana fap faaap

It owes its greatest debt to Bob Kane and Christopher/Jonah Nolan brothers. :)

The characters make the story, honestly, and their interaction with each other, not the class warfare.

Inception is about dreams, true, but is it about a heist or something more?

All good stores are like onions, as you peel back the onion there are many layers.

I still haven't seen ipthe move, but I enjoyed this set of things the movie did right and wrong:

I forget a lot of details of the Ra's Al Ghul story so I may have to go back and watch Batman Begins again...

Great choice. I watched batman begins a few hours before watching TDKR.

I can't believe you read the BI link. I'm surprised they wrote that. Disappointing that they would publish an entire set of spoilers.

Spoilers aren't bad. I watch good movies several times for the details. This helps me know what to watch for.

I'm sad for you. :) But you're right, details are important. Think I'll go watch again today.

There you go. :)

I watched it.

You ll probably not hear this on the Internet.

But here we go.

Bane > Joker

Dark knight rises > dark knight

But then, are you watching closely?

There is so much here. So much in the third movie that Nolan fans will truly appreciate. So much nuance, so much attention to detail. A fascinating adaptation on the comic books.

Have now seen the dark knight rises 3x. New detail. Watch the clock near the end. Then check your watch. When the clock is run down, check your watch again. :)

I love how Nolan pays attention to every detail.

I haven't even watched it once yet, but Bane better than Joker?!


I like that bane challenges batman in a new way, they actually fight, and ... I think he's a better villain. His story is better too. Heath Ledger as an actor...perhaps untouchable; however, bane as a villain is better, more complete, and a better match for a more satisfying story

I do enjoy a good ninja fight. :)

Joker is chaos but Bane is control.

You clearly prefer control to chaos. :)

I prefer controlled chaos. ;)

Also, pretty much everything Miranda Tate says can be referenced to her father.

I'm waiting for someone to update the IMDB page with all the great quotes from the movie!

This is a start:

Or perhaps we should start a PandaWhale convo "Dark Knight Returns quotes"...

Yes! I'm game. Did you already start it? If not, I can do it.

Bane: Peace has cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you!

It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

Ever see the honest trailer for The Dark Knight?

I love all the fan trailers created around Batman; Nolan + Batman = a league of super friends and fans.

See what I did there.

I see what you did there. So what will he do to Superman?

Depends. Watchmen was favorably received? I didn't watch it. I hated 300. Zack Snyder is the actual director, Syncope studios is producing/overseeing.

I'm not sure. But the new Superman looks raw, gritty, and real.

Nolan prefers illusionary realism; worlds that obviously cannot exist (Prestige, Memento, Inception, The Dark Knight trilogy) yet seem like they could.

How do you make Superman seem like he could exist in this real world?

You make him suffer. A lot.

This article was posted after the dates in the comment. Back to the future. :)

Date is the date of the last edit, not the date of the post. :)

Doc We Went Back in Time Back to the Future

Speaking of which, I love the lego version of Back to the Future...

back to the future funny

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