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Archie Manning's Vasectomy - Grantland Super Bag

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Q: My buddy and I came up with a great idea for a stoner flick called “Archie Manning’s Vasectomy.” Two Boston burnouts somehow find a time machine and go back in time to New Orleans circa 1973. They try to convince Archie Manning that he and the Saints will win the Super Bowl if he has a vasectomy. It’s The Terminator meets Bill & Ted meets Half Baked. What do you think?—Gabe Perez, Los Angeles

SG: I think you just created something that could potentially leapfrogThe Verdict, The Town and The Departed as the most popular Boston movie ever. My biggest note: Definitely name the lead characters “Murph and Sully.” And I’d seriously consider throwing them into the title — something like Murph and Sully Stop the Mannings, just to avoid the inevitable lawsuit when Archie hires an army of lawyers to stop production of Archie Manning’s Vasectomy. You want to make sure this movie gets made. Even if you’re losing a better title, take consolation in Archie Manning’s Vasectomy becoming the most popular name for a fantasy football team. Which should probably happen anyway.

Won't work on Yahoo fantasy -- they have a 20 character team name limit. Damn them!

Still, great idea for a movie. How many Superbowl wins would Tom Brady have if there were no Mannings?

And just a few hilarious q/a's down, we have this:

Q: I believe the closest qb to ever become the greatest quarterback of all time (including playoffs) was Tom Brady in 2007, when he set the touchdown record (50), was undefeated until the Super Bowl (18-0), and one win away from achieving four Super Bowls in eight years and breaking the ’72 Dolphins’ record. He also would have had the greatest win percentage ever. Unfortunately, the “helmet catch” happened and you know the rest. That’s how close Brady was to being the greatest quarterback of all time. But I do believe Peyton Manning 2014 will win the Super Bowl, to go along with the td record, and passing yds record, making him the greatest single season quarterback of all time.—Dr. Funk, Halifax

SG: This was the last step in a Halifax conversation that clearly started with the question, “How can we get Simmons to open the window of his New York hotel and jump out of it?”

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