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Performing Arts: Can performing arts replace antidepressants? - Quora

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Just had unforgettable experience visiting theatre in Moscow. Russia has great repertoire theaters and the culture of enjoying performing arts. I strongly believe that US desperately needs further development of performing arts as well.

We do! Movie theaters pale in comparison!!

I keep asking myself.

What is the process they follow?

Good theatre play is

- highly innovative and creative product,

- very expensive product

which requires

- a team of highly trained and creative people,

- relatively small budget,

- short preparation time,

- small marketing budget,

- does not allow much of split testing or iterations

- fluid team collaboration

- the whole team to perform regularly with high level of emotional and physical involvement

These are the conditions, which would fail 99.9% of ventures, yet theaters are full and people are paying top $$ to enjoy the play.

What can entrepreneurs learn from great theaters?

Great product is essential, no matter the price.

I don't see why not... The act of performing the accumulation of master craft technique is on (requires) the higher-end of human states of being.  Mastery means control, confidence, and is usually accompanied by a quest for continued higher achievement.  An artist who is allowed to be the artist they're made to be is in his/her zone, his/her nirvana.  INTP style.That being said, I know artists/dancers/coders/producers of different types who occasionally deal or have dealt with depression, and it usually happens during a prolonged state of decreased productivity (aka plateau-ing "growth") or due to an external cause.  Except, for a theatre to be full, the performance arts venture must find their core demographic and offer something in demand, in order to be successful. Same as any 'product/production'.  Personally I'm not that into plays and live theatre (even though it is considered purer acting) and I don't see a majority of American people being any different.  Musicals are an exception though...

IMO, America is mostly bereft of a deeper cultural arts appreciation.

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