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You're a kind man. ~The Quick and the a Dead gif

youre a kind man gif Quick and the a Dead Leonardo Dicaprio Imgur

From the elfa82 album of The Quick and a The Dead gifs:


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Thank you elfa82 for making this gif.

and that concludes the lesson for the day gif Imgur

this movie came out soon after what's eating gilbert grape and i was like,

"wait, is that arnie?  you mean, he can talk normally?!!"

Even as a teenager Leo was a talented actor. He surprised a lot of people!

Gilbert Grape was a great movie.

he did.  and yes, that movie is excellent!

I just reached my peak gif Leonardo Dicaprio Imgur

that looks hard to do!  clearly, he is right-handed.

Yeah, I bet that WAS hard to learn but Leo never seems to shy away from an acting challenge.

imgur: the simple image sharer

imgur: the simple image sharer

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