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Dogecoin Mining gif - SO FULL OF WOW

dogecoin mining gif mine SO WOW Imgur

Thank you marsroverr for remaking this gif.

The world needs more dogecoins! Reddit to the rescue...

Better version of the mining GIF dogecoin

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Awesome sauce:

To the moon!

doge trampoline to the moon gif Imgur

hey kid wanna buy some wow meme doge dogecoin Imgur

wow intensifies gif doge dogecoin Imgur

Trying to tip someone with Dogecoin, and then they immediately tip you back:

Dogecoin in a nutshell:

Dogecoin in a Nutshell meme Imgur

Are they mining with double computer fans?

Maybe. Or hard drives, perhaps?

Video Cards. Most gaming cards have cooling fans already mounted. GPUs are typically much faster than CPUs at doing the mining math. XFX AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 2DVI/HDMI/2Mini DisplayPort PCI-Express Graphics Card FX787ACDFC;FX-787A-CDFC: Computers & Accessories

Thanks!  I'm behind the times, since when did they put fans on gaming cards?  Probably works way better, my tower has 3 fans, and it had some overheating issues in the past; which were fixed with a better fan.

Ed, thanks for the clarification.

Janill, at least a few years.

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