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Disney Frozen Anna boat scene in reverse is racy gif

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Original for context: 

anna gets out of boat gif Disney Frozen Imgur

that's great!  slow it down and reverse it and anna's getting all sexy on hans!

i wonder if they played with that in the pixar studios just for laughs. (i often wonder about the pixar studios... i imagine it to be like wonka's factory of magic deliciousness!)

Pixar is a lot like the Wonka factory! And they do have a sense of humor so they probably played it.

Frozen Anna boat do you want to do it gif Imgur

his hand going up to gently embrace her is the perfect touch!

You're so right. You know, they probably did make this so that it could be reversed!

that's what i'm starting to think!

It's the attention to detail that make this movie stand up to repeat viewings.

Which in turn have made it one of Disney's most successful franchises:

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