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Superbowl 48 gifs and memes

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Superbowl 48 was a fail from the very first play.

peyton manning superbowl 48 gif Imgur

In fact, all of Superbowl 48 can be summarized in the gif of the first play:

peyton manning superbowl 48 fail gif Imgur

Good Guy Peyton Manning meme SAFETY FIRST Imgur

Heck, even the coin toss was a fail.

Superbowl 48 coin toss fail gif Imgur

The whole game was lopsided. The Seahawks could do no wrong.

Peyton Manning meme put dad on the phone Eli Superbowl 48 Imgur

Eli was unhappy that Peyton asked their dad for advice instead of him.

sad Eli Manning Superbowl 48 gif Imgur

Unfortunately football has no mercy rule, so the 4th quarter dragged on and on.

peyton manning superbowl 48 meme mom come get me Imgur

Best coverage by something orange all night:

Pete Carroll Superbowl 48 gatorade meme Imgur

NFL Front Pages: Super Bowl Edition - Imgur

NFL Front Pages: Super Bowl Edition - Imgur

Bronco fans give up and give in to porn mid-game - Imgur

This is telling:

superbowl 48 meme first time in 21 years the backup QB got to play in a superbowl Imgur

Hey, at least Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were excellent.

Bruno Mars Superbowl 48 meme spent more time on the field than peyton manning Imgur

The Broncos could have used some of Bruno Mars' moves.

Bruno Mars dancing gif Superbowl 48 Imgur

I could go on and on, but I won't.

beating a dead horse gif Imgur Superbowl XLVIII Broncos Seahawks 48

How many days until football season starts again?

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