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Twinsters- 2 Women Raised on Different Continents Find Each Other

Adopted, raised on different continents and connected through social media, Samantha

and Anaïs realized they might be twins separated at birth.

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Oh cool:

My blood pressure dropped and my eyes opened as wide as they physically could on her date and place of birth: South Korea. I turned to my friend on the bus and excitedly shouted,

“She is born 11/19/1987!!!!”

“So what?” he casually asked.

“I am born 11/19/1987!!!!”

Her name and surname sounded like she would have been adopted too. Then I found her YouTube video: “How It Feels to Be Adopted.”.When I first saw the video, I thought that my American accent sounded amazing! Then I realized… oh right… NOT me. I immediately thought of The Parent Trap, except that it was reaI life.

I decided to get in touch with her.

Here's the video:

Great video!  Thanks for adding :)

You're welcome. I do think a feature-length film from them could be very compelling.

I don't think they have done a DNA test yet.  They have the same birthdate, were both adopted from the same country, have many similar likes and dislikes, but before raising all this money, and making a big project out of it, shouldn't they do a DNA test first?  or did I miss that part, and they already did?

They don't say whether they have or not.

Clearly they feel a kindred relationship toward each other regardless.

I would want to know, so my heart didn't get broke due to getting so attached  ;)

Either way I'm guessing they're best friends for life.

Yep, I would guess so, this experience is making them close, and they still have a lot of shared experiences ;)

And a lot of tastes in common too, it appears. In food, music, clothes, and movies.

Nightline last night stated that they were tested, and they are a match, they are sisters!