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Disruptions: Looking Beyond Silicon Valley's Bubble -

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But there is another side to the Valley. One where people are building truly innovative companies. Where founders aren’t driven by seeing their name on tech blogs or tweeting a picture of themselves with their new investors, M.C. Hammer or Ashton Kutcher.

There are truly excited inventors, designers and programmers here, some of the brightest people in the United States, who are trying to build something that will fix a problem in the world. This is why I love working in Silicon Valley.


Strange portrait of Silicon Valley that is both optimistic and wonders why there's so much excess here:

This is where a select group in the Valley are oblivious to the rest of the world, ensconced in their own protective bubble. In the rest of America, where the unemployment rate is stuck above 8 percent, people are struggling to cover their mortgages or to find jobs that won’t be replaced by technology or sent overseas. In Silicon Valley, some people are worrying about which multimillion-dollar home they can buy — there are only so many available, after all — or whether their handcrafted jeans subtly signal that the wearer is more attuned to aesthetics, like, say, Steve Jobs was.

Silicon Valley is a small number of haves, and a large number of have nots who are just one great stroke of genius away from changing the world.

A party with a tiger and a monkey?

Pffft... I'm holding out for a party with an actual panda and whale.

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