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Wikipedia Virtual Learning Maps: Learn about what you love on the go!

In an ever changing world, where smart phones and smart cars having given people the ability to tweet, facebook, and browse the web on the go. No company has really embraced this new trend for the betterment of humanity yet. Driving back to my house from visiting my girlfriend in Philly one weekend, it hit me. I was using my phone to listen to bloomberg mobile, so I can learn some business info while passing time on the 2 hour drive. Why hasn't someone integrated mobile maps and wikipedia together to allow people to learn about the world around them as they are driving. 

The idea behind this concept is fairly simple, you would simply choose the app, pick categories that interested you sports, businesses, history, etc and as your driving via location interface on your phone, wikipedia article summaries would be told to you about the town you were driving through and the story of the famous sports figure from there. There is so many opportunities for people to learn about the world around them and learn new things just by passing time in the car. I believe with the right direction and vision this could be a great step towards an app that would track your visits, interests and what you already learned about said place. Please feel free to give me feedback and input on this idea. I am looking to freely give/help anyone with programming and development knowledge this idea. I think it could have great benefits to society.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to email me at [email protected]


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Todge, I think there's a good idea there.

Is it okay if I share with the people who make the Swell app?

No problem Adam. I appreciate you taking the time to connect this idea with a group who may be able to make it a reality.

Thanks for your help and let me know what they think please!

You're welcome and I will let you know if they say anything interesting about it.

Adam, you don't have to answer, but did they have any feedback for the idea? I hope they can seriously use it. I personally love the SWELL app, showed it to a friend who listens all the time too!

Cool, I haven't heard back from them. Will check in again this week.

Adam thanks so much. I really appreciate it. I have already referred a few friends here as well. I love the positive yet critical feedback this site allows me to receive and give. Thank you again!

Adam, I saw they were aquired by Apple. Think they are using my idea haha wishful thinking. Tell them I said congrats though. I was sad when the app shut down. Used it every day lol.

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