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10 Companies Apple Could Acquire Instead of Buying Back All That Stock | Wired

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tl;dr: Apple now has $160 billion in cash.

With that much money they could buy Tesla, Dropbox, Uber, Square, Jawbone, GoPro, SpaceX, Fedex, Target, and Luxembourg (the country).

Actually, the acquisition that makes the most sense to me is buying Adobe.

Then bundle Photoshop and Illustrator with every Mac.

Then there's a reason to buy a Mac instead of PCs. And instead of just tablets and smartphones.

excellent idea

Adobe's current market cap is $32 billion, which might be a little too steep for Apple.

Amazing that Adobe is almost worth as much as Target.

I don't think so at all.  They are on track to do a $32 billion buyback, thus I'm sure they can work something out.   Besides, if Apple truly is going to have the first Trillion dollar valuation, Adobe would be bonkers not to ride that wave---if they believe it.

I think they should make the inevitability argument and buy every single one of those companies except Tesla. 

Why not Tesla?

And why Target, which is a low margin business?

compete with Amazon? Google has Google Express. 

Don't they already have Apple stores?

that only sell apple products and accessories...clearly I require more than that...#onecompanytoruleusall

Haha, reminds me of "Meanwhile at the Google Store"...

"We already know what you are most likely to purchase. Here it is."

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