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How Cold Can a Living Body Get? - Kevin Fong - The Atlantic

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When the crew touched down at Tromso University Hospital, Anna’s heart had not beaten for at least two hours. Her core temperature was measured at 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit—42 degrees below her normal core, and lower at that point than any surviving patient in recorded medical history. This was genuine terra incognita. Any attempt to resuscitate Anna further could only proceed in the knowledge that in similar situations past medical teams had always failed.

It would ultimately take six hard years of rehabilitation in all, but eventually Anna was well enough to ski again; well enough to return to complete her training as a doctor. She later specialized in radiology in Tromso, in the hospital that had dared to save her life. Doctors exploited Anna Bågenholm'sprofound hypothermia to successfully resuscitate her against seemingly impossible odds. While her survival occurred in the context of an accident, she is living proof that extremes can cure as well as kill.

Six years of rehab is practically an indenture. Amazing story!

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