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Here's Why You Should Care About U.S. Women's Hockey

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Why you need to care about US Women's hockey. Hint: they are teh awesomesauce.

If nothing else, this video sums up the simultaneous hilarity and pressure to succeed the team seems to surround itself with:


My personal favorite, though, is probably Julie Chu, who's playing in her fourth Olympic Games at 31. She also has a commitment to teamwork and integrity that makes me cry like a mothertrucker, as evidenced by my reaction to this video:

Seriously, I dare you to watch that video without bawling all over your keyboard and resolving to do right by your friends and family. JULIE CHU!

Anyway, in addition to being damn good hockey players (and, let's face it, megababes), they are all enormous goofballs. Julie Chu supports her teammates with her eyes, Hilary Knight stole the Lamoureuxs' dog and tried to extract a ransom from the twins' mom, Josephine Pucci evidently once got slimed on Nickelodeon, and goalies Jessie Vetter and Bri McLaughlin are fond of trying on cheetah-printed leggings together at Target

And now they have to fend off Finland and Canada in pursuit of Sochi Gold!!

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