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Critical Path documents the brilliance of game creators with personal video interviews | VentureBeat

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“We’re at an amazing point in history where digital entertainment is emerging and changing our culture,” director David Grabias said in a statement today. “We are interested in documenting the minds, thoughts, and inspirations behind the evolving medium to try and translate its meaning today, and potential to be a leading art form tomorrow.”

The idea here is to help the game-buying public become more aware of the people behind one of the most popular entertainment activities. Critical Path hopes to bring the same level of awareness that the general public has of movies and television to the video game world. Interviewees include those responsible for hits like Civilization, Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, The Sims, Halo, as well as indie designers pushing the art form through games such as Journey, SpyParty, and Passage.

Is there something all great game creators have in common?