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HD Kung Fu Panda gifs


Thank you Butcher_Of_Hope for making these gifs.

kung fu panda stairs gif Imgur

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Butcher_Of_Hope Kung Fu Panda album:

Will include my favorites below.

master shifu catch gif Imgur Kung Fu Panda

kung fu panda chopsticks gif Imgur

kung fu panda eating gif Imgur stuffing face cookies

kung fu panda skadoosh gif Imgur

Made a Tard Shifu saying nope a while ago:

grumpy cat tard Shifu nope gif imgur Kung fu panda

I like it but I don't see the NOPE. 

Really? Just were the droplet touches the water, the NOPE follows the wave.

Oh! Nice!! Subtle and beautiful. 

How did you make Shifu look like Grumpy Cat?

I took the eyes, nose and mouth from this drawing of the grumpy cat:


And I animated it to follow Shifu movements, and make the eyes close.

Copying and moving it, frame after frame, took me few hours. ^^

But the gif is quite long and rich in colors, so I couldn't make it HQ, it would have been too heavy.

It's already 5Mo, which is the pro imgur account limit.

Wow, you pay attention to so many details!

Too bad the obsession over grumpy cat has subsided -- your animation is excellent.

Also too bad boobs and celebreties, reposts, would always get more points than the gifs I spent hours on.

That's why the HighQualityGifs subreddit was created. 

Your gifs are always welcome there. 


True, in general the only reason to do it is that you love it. Because it does take a lot of time.

Yep, I also think art made selfishly is the only true one.

Oce Eeco
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