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What would you do if you could not find your family? ...

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What a great video. Made me tear up a little at the end.

I'm going to watch this many times.

Agreed. Good thing I have tissues here. :)

This is a truly noble and wonderful cause. How can I help? How can others who read this help?

Although we live in a very connected world this is not the case for millions on our planet. Refugees United is connecting the unconnected. At the moment we are helping more than 160.000 on finding missing loved ones. With general global awareness we believe we can help millions and ultimately eradicate this horrible problem all together. This should really not be an issue in the 21st century. Tech + Humanity = WIRED US?:)

Well, thank you for

I guess what we can do is spread the word?

That's it - and that is one of the things I personally love the most about Refugees United. It does not take a lot of money to end this problem - just a lot of heart. In RU we are lucky to be surrounded by that every day :)

It doesn't take much money.

What it takes is for people to care.

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