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Reno Tahoe coalition has hurdles to clear to get the 2026 Winter Olympics

Squaw Valley, California host of the 1960 Winter Olympic games

Reno Tahoe coalition has hurdles to clear to get the 2026 Winter Olympics | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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The Sochi Olympics are expected to cost $51 billion. And a new study shows that only six of the 19 cities that hosted past Winter Olympics will have enough snow to host them after 2100.

Squaw Valley, 42 miles southwest of Reno, hosted the 1960 Winter Games, but it won’t have the snow to host another Olympics by 2050, according to a study released in January by the University of Waterloo in Canada.

When the U.S. Olympic Committee decided against having an American city bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics two years ago, the Reno Tahoe coalition just changed the year on its T-shirts and immediately began talking about hosting the 2026 Winter Games.

But that rejection came before the costs of the games in Sochi, Russia, were known and the prediction that few sites of past Winter Games will have enough snow to host them again.

John Killoran, CEO of the Reno Tahoe coalition, said two of his board members are in Sochi and looking for ideas that might help them in future Olympics bids. One idea they won’t consider is spending anything near what the Sochi games cost.

When it comes to weather, all recent Winter Olympics cities have had backup plans such as storing and making snow, Killoran said.

He said that Reno has more hotel rooms than Salt Lake City — which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics and also wants the 2026 games — and world-class ski resorts around Lake Tahoe. Sochi had neither before pouring billions of dollars into its Olympics effort.

Not enough snow is a major problem. Only 6 of 19 cities by 2100 will have enough snow?!

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