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Get ready for pricier sushi: “Peak salmon” is probably upon us - Quartz

Get ready for pricier sushi Peak salmon is probably upon us Quartz


The next luxury seafood item might be salmon.


Prices for the once-cheap fish are at their highest in two decades, with no sign of relief. That’s not just thanks to overfishing. Because the world long ago tapped out the wild salmon population, around two-thirds of the salmon we currently eat is farmed. Salmon farmers are now bumping up against production constraints while demand grows at 5-10% annually

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"Peak salmon" is already upon the bears of Kamchatka.

"The end of the wilderness: bears starve as poachers pillage Russia's wealth of salmon.  Remote Kamchatka faces ecological meltdown as fish stocks are obliterated"

How did salmon get so popular???

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