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To Draw Millennials, a Stronger Beer Made to Suggest Spirits

To Draw Millennials a Stronger Beer Made to Suggest Spirits NYTimes com


“It has become increasingly obvious to beer marketers that we are in competition in a broader space than beer, in the total beverage alcohol market,” Mr. England said, and “it’s somewhat generational,” likening the millennials to the drinkers of the “Mad Men” era when “cocktails were where it was at.”

“Spirits has done a good job of getting the hearts and minds of legal-drinking-age millennials, portraying offerings as more sophisticated,” he added. “Enter Miller Fortune.”

To offer cues associated more with liquor than beer, Miller Fortune comes in a black bottle; the first commercials are set at night, in gritty, urban landscapes; and ads will suggest pouring it into rocks glasses rather than beer glasses. The campaign will take a more worldly tack than do many beer ads; one poster, for instance, declares, “Open Pandora’s bottle.”

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As opposed to thirty years ago when companies invented weak wine coolers to attract young people.

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