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Jason Calicanis: You Are Your Own Media Company | Generation Like, FRONTLINE PBS

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Just watched this (tivo'd).  I'm guessing you can watch it at their website as well.  Very interesting about the whole viral marketing phenomenon.  It's great for the product owners, because your clients do the advertising for you, and it's good for the clients, because they feel involved, but as there is with most things, there is a line crossing from moderation into unhealthiness.

The girl that was a super fan of Hunger Games seemed to be too obsessed, and seemed to have a bit of sadness about the experience, as well as elation. 

The young kid Baby Scumbag seemed to have a pretty misdirected life, where are his parents?  Is he going to be Creepy Perv Scumbag when he gets older?  It seems like his like is being pigeonholed at a very young age, I don't see him becoming an astrophysicist, horticulturist, programmer, or any professional career for that matter, but maybe that wasn't going to happen anyways?

Tyler Oakley seems to have a good grasp of the whole thing, he seems to be pretty balanced about it, or as balanced as one can expect to be.

The company  is very interesting, it will manage all your social media, across all platforms, do analysis, and show what brands your fans are also aligned to, then you can use this to suggest pairing up marketing with those brands.

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