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Winner wins beer, loser keeps Bieber: USA-Canada hockey stakes have never been higher

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Hahaha. Come on USA!

I know!  We lost the women's, but it was a close game ;)

Yes. And tomorrow the men's hockey teams play. Exciting!

Upon winning:

Canadian sorry gif after winning the women's hockey vs USA sochi 2014 Imgur

Very fitting.

Heh heh, yeah.

It's hard to feel good winning such a close game.

Dammit, the men lost too! Thanks a lot, Jamie Benn.

USA Canada hockey Jamie Benn goal gif Sochi 2014 semifinals Imgur

Loser Keeps Justin Bieber sign about the bet between USA and Canada men's hockey updated worst bet ever meme belieber Imgur

Got rid of briber lets go apologize gif Canadians after winning the men's hockey vs USA - Imgur

We have to keep Bieber?

Loser keeps bieber reaction gif

Soup of the Day American Tears Hockey Game | Bleacher Report

Bieber worst bet ever

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