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2014 Sochi Olympics Women's Figure Skating Gold Medalist Adelina Sotnikova gif

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Redditor Ythapa calls it:

The 3 biggest losers of this event:

1) Kim Yuna: Short program was underscored and she missed out on a potential gold medal as a result along with other questionable scoring elsewhere.

2) Carolina Kostner: Could have had a legitimate shot at 2nd and even maybe 1st with her performance, but she'll never know.

3) Adelina Sotnikova: The poor girl never asked for people to fix scores for her. She just skated her heart and hoped to win, but now it's going to be filled with asterisks and people questioning the legitimacy of her gold (and even future repercussions in 2018 with potential lingering resentment over this decision).

In short, U.S. figure skating had it right the whole time. Every one who medaled "lost" in some way. The medal podium is a curse.

Yuna Kim was robbed:

Counterpoint by artjomh:

Adelina Sotnikova got a -0.90 deduction for that fumble.

She executed a 3F in combination there and got a 9.24-0.90 for it. Yuna, by comparison, only did a 2A combination and received 7.04+0.79.

That's how figure skating scoring works. Bigger, more ambitious jumps = bigger base points.

And therefore Adelina deserved the gold.

But Yuna Kim's performance sure did seem better, to me watching at home.

Explain like I'm five why Adelina won:

Sotnikova won on the difficulty of her routine. 

Yuna Kim performed her simpler routine more cleanly and elegantly.

Even the New York Times is having a challenge figuring this out:

Sotnikova scored 149.95 points in the free skate. It was a massive leap from her previous best, recorded last month, of 131.63. I asked Wylie how he would explain Sotnikova’s sudden improvement to the casual fan. He paused, and couldn’t come up with an answer.

"But skating is now a numbers game, and Sotnikova played it better. Kim beat the Russian – barely – on the component marks, 74.50 to 74.41. But Sotnikova's program was more difficult, packed with jumps and high-value technical elements. She did seven triple jumps, five in combination, to six for Kim, only of which were in combination."

Here's Kim Yuna's short:

She really was better today:

"What I found absolutely stupid was the fact that the Russian girl scored like 149.5 ish. With the world record held by yuna herself at 150 during the Vancouver Olympics. The Russian girl made mistakes (albeit not huge) today, and if someone told me if that performance was equal to yunas perfect performance in Vancouver, that's just bull."

Google knows Yuna is Queen.

google knows yuna is queen meme Imgur

In korean media (i.e., the top search right now is "연아야 고마워" (thank you Yuna).

Results are tributes to her career and barely any outcries about being robbed.

imgur: the simple image sharer

Gracie Gold was quite good except for a fall.

gracie gold free skating gif sochi 2014 Imgur

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