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Romney Right to Life

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The Wikipedia pages of Mitt Romney's political positions and public image are fascinating.

He wants to "protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion" but he has no problem with them being born into a life of poverty.

He believed in a woman's right to choose until 2005, and now he's anti abortion -- he wants to establish legal personhood for all unborn children in all 50 states.

So he doesn't just want to keep Roe v Wade as it is.

He wants to aggressively dismantle it.

I wish 2012 Romney could debate pre-2005 Romney:

"As a nation we recognize the right of all people to believe as they want, and to not impose our believe on other people." ~Mitt Romney, pre-2005

Um... I wish the Romney of 2012 WERE the Romney pre-2005. Then the whole election wouldn't be quite a scary.

I agree. Perhaps hiding in the Romney 2012 is a Romney pre-2005 waiting to come out after the election?

A word comes to mind and it is vapid.

Perhaps this is an issue voters no longer care about?

You mean the right to life debate? or do you mean the flip-flop?

My sense is that the folks who tarred John Kerry with the flip-flop are in no mood to challenge Romney. Truth is they're holding their noses to even support him.

As for the right-to-lifers, I don't see them going away any time soon and this flop was one of the prices they demanded of Romney for their support.

For the pro-choice side, well, I do think it remains a litmus-test issue.

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