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YouTube is Not a Sweatshop—It’s Actually a Goldmine, and Here’s Why

YouTube is Not a Sweatshop It s Actually a Goldmine and Here s Why Betabeat


It’s not surprising that critics are questioning the economics and the equitability of revenue-sharing program because on the surface they can be deceptive. But as I’ve said before: for YouTube creators, leaving the platform would be like Michael Phelps leaving the Olympics in his prime because it didn’t pay well.

YouTube provides the spotlight and has proven to be an effective tool to build audiences, businesses, and brands. Ultimately, limiting the conversation of YouTube economics to CPMs ignores the opportunities that an audience provides and the tools YouTube has invested in.

Before YouTube, Olga pursued a life in Hollywood. Struggling to get work as an actress and professional juggler, she turned to YouTube to share her work, and then it turned into a passion. After nearly three years on the platform, she was getting paid enough to turn her passion into a full-time business. Olga told me that “If I stayed in Hollywood I’d be one of thousands of actresses. YouTube gave me the opportunity to call the shots.”

That’s why creators are continuing to flock to the platform.

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