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4K is for programmers / Tiamat

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Some people don't intrinsically appreciate the appeal of large displays for desktop computing, but many of those folks will become converts when they use one. Remember when people argued that the iPad 2 resolution of 1024x768 was good enough? I have had enough of good enough.

I want a 50-inch desktop display with north of 10,000 horizontal pixels. Had desktop computing avoided the taint of HD, we may have arrived there by now. Instead, we allowed desktop displays to regress to "high definition"—perhaps the most damaging marketing term in consumer electronics—and stagnate for nearly a decade. Giving up on display evolution, allowing the living room to converge on the desktop, has given desktop computing a crippling lethargy. If not exactly responsible for the popularity of mobile computing, desktop's lethargy has certainly made facile its own frequent eulogies by the pop punditry.

Why is mobile computing orthogonal to desktop computing anyway? Multi-device harmony is elusive because of anti-desktop partisanship from the mobile frontrunners (dismissing desktop computing as uncool is a facet of their manifesto) and the Old Guard's reluctance to decisively merge mobile and desktop contexts (though Microsoft is finally taking baby steps). If you ever use your tablet or phone while in front of your desktop PC, you have experienced the failure of modern computing. Years of neglect have left workers with desktop computers no better or even inferior to their bring-your-own-device mobile gadgets.

The toleration of mediocrity on the desktop irks me.

Large desktop displays won't unify the computing model (we need something like PAO for that), but they do reinvigorate a flagging industry and give knowledge workers a boost in productivity. At $500, a 4K desktop display is a no-brainer.


Well.  A 4k monitor used for programming and development at 30Mhz and 140ppi runs about $500; a 4k Monitor used for gaming at 60Mhz with one display port or two hdmi cables runs about $3500.,3620.html#

Holy smokes. How long will it take the 60MHz to come down to under $1k?

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