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How not to recruit, by @Bensign.

Wow. How not to recruit.
2:44 PM Jul 25 2012

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Don't do what Mike Brown did in the above photo.

No matter how much "life is good" at Twitter, they shouldn't rub it in peoples' faces.

As if Zynga wasn't already having a tough day.

It would take A LOT for me to be convinced that life is good at Twitter.

Best ways to evaluate potential hires:

The upshot of this research is that work sample tests (e.g., seeing if people can actually do key elements of a job -- if a secretary can type or a programmer can write code), general mental ability (IQ and related tests), and structured interviews had the highest validity of all methods examined...

Other research-based tips:

Interesting fact -- Salespeople hired based on optimism alone outsold their more pessimistic counterparts by 57%:

so wrong.

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